Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Deployable Structure Inventory  World Housing Solution (WHS) is the proven leader in delivering response assets that can pivot into resilient rebuilding without compromising security of the responders or quality of care and infrastructure for the communities they serve. WHS has immediate inventory available which includes:... Read More
$185 Million Approved To Be Spent On Rigid Shelters | WESH 2 Orlando News Segment   World Housing Solution recognizes The U.S. Southern Border Patrol as well as the Department of Home Land Security (DHS) and their need for rigid-wall, Rapidly Deployable Structures (RDS) to be used as shelters, housing, dorms, or other... Read More
Assembles in 2 hours or less | Fox 35 Orlando News Segment World Housing Solution recognizes the need for Hurricane and flood resistant Rapidly Deployable Structures which can be used as shelters, housing, command centers, and almost any other conceivable purpose in times of need. In the midst of hurricane... Read More