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Next Generation shelter and structure solutions designed and manufactured in the USA

Lightweight, modular, high-efficiency structures enable warfighters, disaster responders, and medical professionals to operate in energy deprived austere environments. Quickly deployed and ready to assemble, the WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ delivers an average R-32 of thermal insulation, vastly reducing energy dependence, stretching available energy available, and enabling the use of alternative energy sources. Able to be deployed on unimproved ground, the Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ provides critical shelter instantly.

Towable versions of the highly insulated shelter  provide high mobility instant structures with integrated power and lights, ready to go anywhere in a highway-legal package. Clinics on Wheels™ and Mobile Response Units™ are available as fully functional dental and medical clinics, C4I Command & Control, and other custom applications.

Quick deploy, energy efficient modular structures from World Housing Solution – when you need them, where you need them.


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I have encountered and worked with hundreds of vendors who supply temporary shelters for emergency and sustained operations.  These types of systems were not only ideal for military use in remote locations, but they serve as excellent systems for today’s fight against the Coronavirus...  READ MORE

James Lockridge

Former Chief of Construction for U.S. Army Europe

“When I learned about WHS and the expeditionary structures they have developed, my first thoughts went to how we could have benefited from using them during our deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan...  READ MORE

M.M. Sweeney

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

“When I served as the senior logistics officer in the multi-national forces under General Petraeus in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, one of the biggest risks to our troops was the logistical...  READ MORE

Steven M. Anderson

Brigadier General, U.S. Army (retired)
Chief Logistician in Iraq

Industries Served By World Housing Solution

Expeditionary Camps in Austere Environments™

Military FOBs, polar exploration, post-disaster zones, and mass humanitarian disasters all exhibit two common characteristics: a void of shelter, and deficient energy to power them. Legacy shelters, such as tents, demand an expensive and often dangerous level of fuel for energy for environmental controls. World Housing Solutions' Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ provides a far superior solution that deploys as fast as tents, yet is 300% more fuel efficient, thus vastly reducing the logistical dilemma through drastic reduction of energy dependence.

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Organizations Served by World Housing Solution

Learn More About The Evolution of Expeditionary Structures™

World Housing Solution Introduction

Learn more about the history of WHS, including interviews with the founder, material and specification highlights, on-site installations, and more.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Independent studies have shown that WHS is the ONLY expeditionary structure solution to yield an ROI.

Military/Tactical Mobile Response Units

Reinventing the flex space needed for emergency response with off-grid mobile units.