World Housing Solution, based near Orlando, Florida, is no stranger to crises resulting from natural and manmade disasters.

Our shelter solutions enable crisis responders to react immediately, maintaining a safe, efficient environment for critical operations.

First-In Shelters

First-in shelters for disaster managers include Clinics on Wheels™, a fully integrated mobile medical trailer, and the Mobile Response Unit™ (MRU) a flexible, integrated towable vehicle provisioned for specific or multi-discipline applications including Command & Control/communications, sleeping quarters, medical clinics, and other custom configurations.

Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ (RDS)

The WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ (RDS) provides responders with a far more efficient, and far safer, alternative to legacy shelters. Easily stored and quickly deployed on pallets or containers, RDS is quickly assembled from lightweight composite pre-fabricated panels with unskilled labor and without power machinery.

Temporary worker housing and settlements ideally employ the RDS construction, since the structures are readily disassembled, stored, and later re-deployed. And, while manufactured for ease of assembly and disassembly, the RDS is designed with a life exceeding twenty years.

Energy Efficient

Energy independence is crucial for disaster response shelter solutions, since electricity and fuel availability is unreliable. All WHS shelters are highly insulated (up to R-72) creating a comfortable, clean environment while minimizing fuel demand. Alternative energy solutions and energy storage enable the WHS shelters to run off-grid in austere environments.