High-efficiency extreme weather shelters provide a comfortable, safe, and energy efficient solution.

Up to 300% more energy efficient than tents.

Missions of exploration and scientific discovery probe the ends of the globe, exposing scientists and staff to the harshest environments known to man, far from critical resources.

Supply chains are long and unreliable, often stretching resources such as fuel to the point of rationing and instigating an elevated risk of mission failure.

Currently deployed in the steaming jungles of the South Pacific, the arid desert of the Horn of Africa, and the extremely variable environment of eastern Europe, Rapidly Deployable Shelters are a proven structure solution providing elevated comfort while reducing energy dependence.

WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelters™ (RDS) offer a more comfortable, safer, and far more energy efficient solution than oft-employed tents and  steel-built structures. 

  • Up to 300% more energy efficient than tents, reducing shelter HVAC fuel consumption by up to 85%.  Enables practical use of alternative energy to run off-grid.
  • Quickly assembled by unskilled labor without power machinery thanks to modular, prefabricated panel design
  • 100% composite construction is impervious to weather, insects, mold, mildew, and water saturation.
  • Does not require concrete pad or improved ground.
  • Ground tackle and rated windows to withstand high force winds.