Expeditionary rigid wall Rapidly Deployable Structures

The Evolution of Military Shelters

The Next Generation of Expeditionary Structures
Manufactured in USA from composites
Modular and Scalable insulated Rapidly Deployable Panels (RDP)
Assemble in hours without power or lifting equipment
Lighter than concrete and steel
More efficient than tents

Shelter Applications:

Mobile Command & Control
Field Medical Facilities
Mobile Hospitals
Emergency Decontamination Shelters
Dining Facilities (DFAC)
Temporary Barracks
Classrooms & Offices
Berthing Shelters
Security Checkpoints
Storage & Warehousing
MWR Facilities (Morale, Welfare & Recreation)

WHS offers fully integrated Expeditionary Shelter solutions including alternative
energy, environmental conditioning, potable water management, and sanitation

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