WHS Modular Water Filtration & Purification Systems and Sewage Treatment Systems have a smaller footprint and can service as few as five soldiers or support up to 6,000.

Systems are designed to receive fresh water sources such as drilled or dug wells, municipal water, or natural resources such as rivers, creeks, streams or lakes.

WHS products remove many common contaminates – such iron, nitrate, manganese, turbidity and many more – that may cause harm to humans during the consumption, bathing or washing in water.

  • Easily Sustainable – No Major Supplies Needed
  • Modular – Add or Remove as Needed
  • No Foundation – Zero Digging Required (Soil Dependent)
  • Low Power Consumption – Connects to Grid or Solar Power (Zero Base)
  • Simple To Ship – C-130 Transportable
  • Easy to Install, Move, Redeploy and Operate
  • Low Maintenance and Redundant Parts
  • No special Know-How Required to Operate
  • From Desert Heat to Subfreezing Temperatures
  • Highest Performance for Water & Sewage Treatment
  • Lowest Sludge / By-Products Possible
  • No or Minimal Contact Between User and Sewage Coated Parts
  • Low Maintenance and Redundant Parts
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