Rapidly Deployable Shelter™ (RDS) rigid walled structures

Light weight, fast assembly, and extremely high energy efficiency in a prefabricated package.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency (designed to limit thermal transference) with insulation levels up to R-72 yield an unparalleled reduction in energy consumption and the associated logistical burden.   Integrated with alternative energy, RDS is capable of operating off-grid in austere environments.

Composite Materials

Constructed completely of composite materials, the WHS Rapidly Deployable Shelter (RDS) will not rust, rot, mold, mildew, or decay.   Being completely man-made, the RDS is not prone to infestation by insects or rodents, with a lifetime measured in decades.


Assembled from Prefabricated Rapidly Deployable Panels (RDP) which weigh 25% as compared to comparable stick-built walls, the RDS is easily transported to site and assembled by unskilled labor without the use of power machinery.

Resilient Construction

RDP construction incorporates a resilient, environmentally stable fire-resistant skin bonded to an insulative core yielding light weight, thermal efficiency, and extreme strength.  The tongue-and-groove connections require no connecting hardware, yet provide a self-supporting structure up to any length.

The optional self-leveling aluminum subframe supports up to 976kg/m² (200 lb/sq.ft.) and provides an elevated platform to accommodate unimproved ground. No concrete pad is required.

RDS offers a 21st Century alternative to tents, wood and steel structures offering far greater security, efficiency, and comfort. RDS is the only deployable shelter with a Return on Investment (ROI).