Quickly erected, highly efficient comp solutions for housing, water, and waste treatment in a prefabricated package.

Energy savings, health, and efficiency are drastically increased with complete camp solutions from World Housing Solution. Pre-fabricated highly insulated modular construction requiring little or no site improvement enables government, disaster response, and humanitarian agencies to quickly deploy camps capable of sheltering thousands and provide clean water, waste water treatment, and alternative energy for a self-reliant encampment.

Energy waste has been identified the number one problem as environmental control (HVAC) in energy inefficient housing and structures. It doesn’t take much to envision the terrible inefficiency of trying to cool tents, containerized housing, and steel shelters. With an average thermal efficiency of R-28, the World Housing Solution Rapidly Deployable shelter has been demonstrated to decrease energy demand by up to 85% as compared to tents and containerized housing.

Potable water processing and waste water treatment resolve the other two significant challenges of many people in one place. With WHS containerized water plants a “drop in” solution enables growth and mobility.

And in locations devoid of electricity, the high energy efficiency of the WHS structures enables, for the first time, for camps with alternative energy (such as solar) and battery storage to meet or approach independence from the grid, while drastically reducing the fuel demand of generators.

From disaster response to military operating bases, only World Housing Solution can provide an entire camp demonstrating high efficiency, healthy living, and comfort.