$185 Million Approved To Be Spent On Rigid Shelters | WESH 2 Orlando News Segment


World Housing Solution recognizes The U.S. Southern Border Patrol as well as the Department of Home Land Security (DHS) and their need for rigid-wall, Rapidly Deployable Structures (RDS) to be used as shelters, housing, dorms, or other essential functions. Congress recently approved over $185 million for additional rigid shelters. World Housing Solution offers an alternative solution to low-quality tents with hard-sided, insulated, foam wall panels that can be assembled without heavy equipment. Each panel can be lifted by just 2 - 4 people. Our solution is economic, quickly built, environmentally conscious, and can be customized to fit all needs in any austere environment.

Below is the WESH 2 News segment showcasing World Housing Solution's fully customizable and quickly deployable housing and structural solutions and how they are the answer to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol's current housing problems.

Video segment produced and is property of WESH 2 Orlando.

“The Solution to Housing People at the Southern U.S. Border - WESH News Segment - World Housing Solution” Narr. Jim Payne & Summer Knowles. News. WESH 2 Orlando. TVNews. 28 June 2019