“No one cares about your solutions. They care about their problems, and our key is to find ways to solve those problems.” – Ron Ben-Zeev, Founder of World Housing Solution and Clinics on Wheels

In recent years we’ve all seen the devastating impact hurricanes and other natural disasters can bring during and after the storm. One would assume that current disaster relief technology that is widely used has evolved with the growing surge of natural disasters, yet it was not. World Housing Solution and Clinics on Wheels brings much needed innovation to Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Efforts are deployed and offered in disaster zones.

Something to Think About: 2011 reached a record high of $371 billion in global natural disaster damages. 2012 then went on to mark the third consecutive year of worldwide natural disaster damage exceeding $100 billion. [1]

Dan Loney from Wharton School of Business organized this interview with their alumni Ron Ben-Zeev to talk about where the idea for World Housing Solution and Clinics on Wheels came from, how they are able to give Hospital Grade Medical Care In their mobile unit that can be pulled by a standard pickup truck, what challenges they had to be overcome to get where they are today, and answer listener questions. Listen to the full interview with Wharton Business School below!

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Interview Takeaway:

There are three things that happen after a disaster: we lose power, we lose communication (because it’s connected to power) and we lose the most crucial aspect of survival, access to clean water. Our platform, Clinics on Wheels, delivers literally all three. Power because we’re bringing our own systems, communications systems are built in each unit, and the ability to include water filtration and “water-from-air” technology within each unit. So that when each unit arrives to their location you are able to get hospital equivalency of medical care and following HIPAA compliance you are able to have the data of your visit sent to your doctor or another hospital if needed.

[1] "21st Century Emergency Management." IBM. http://citizenibm.com/wp-content/uploads/2-WR1057039CA-IBM-IOC-for-the-Philippines.pdf (accessed July 21, 2014).

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