The eye of Hurricane Dorian, a devastating Category 5, destroyed the Bahamas after stalling over the islands for over 35 hours. With a wealth of experience in disaster recovery solutions, including working with Haiti during their devastating earthquake in 2010, World Housing Solution is working with multiple government, non-profit and private groups in the Bahamas to provide disaster relief assistance such as:

• Building shelters
• Creating mobile medical facilities
• Integrating life safety equipment such as water filtration and generators

Using Rapidly-Deployable Shelters (RDS) is the perfect solution for any disaster recovery situation. They do not require any power tools or special skills to build (building a shelter is as easy as Ikea furniture), can be built by a group of 2 - 6 people, and are as insulated as a Yeti cup.

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief - WKMG TV News Segment - World Housing Solutions” Narr. Matt Austin & Ginger Gadsden. News. WKMG TV News 6 Orlando. 03 Sept 2019

World Housing Solution provides completely customizable shelters that available at a moment’s notice- which is critical when dealing with natural disasters.

For information on our lightweight (but durable) instant portable shelters for proactive disaster relief or reactive disaster relief, contact World Housing Solutions here: