R-Value (thermal efficiency)
Years of minimum useful life
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Customizable to your needs

The only solution with an ROI

WHS RDSs have a longer lifecycle in theater due to their durability and superior materials. These structures are designed to last decades (not years). Their thermal efficiency (insulation levels up to R-72) yields an unparalleled reduction on the logistical burden caused by the need for fuel for heating and cooling. These, and many more factors make for a return on investment that far exceeds that to a comparable tent grid.

Want to know how much can be saved using WHS Rapidly Deployable Structures?

Durable In Any Environment

Our structures are engineered to resist the most strenuous conditions, including fires, hurricane force winds, sweltering desert temps and frigid landscapes.

Regardless of the complexity of the terrain, a structural leg system can be implemented to anchor any structure.

24x33 TentPlatform_NewLegs+Milos v9_e

Easy Assembly

No special training or heavy equipment is needed to deploy a structure – just standard hand tools. And structures can be disassembled, shipped and stored just as easily as they are put together.